Retail Circulation and E-commerce

As a pioneer in statistical forecasting analysis, AsiaAnalytics Taiwan Ltd. has rich experience in data analysis and solutions such as marketing research, retail and e-commerce. It provides you with a complete solution from data input, exploration and analysis, analysis report, modeling, prediction and analysis to results release, enabling you to better predict the future and seize the opportunity.

In the daily operation, chain retail enterprises collect of a large number of commodities and customer data. These data are also the core of the enterprise "assets". How to further explore the information transmitted by these data and make in-depth analysis, to form a valuable "intelligence" for the operation of enterprises, has been the problem of the overwhelming majority of chain retail enterprises. How to establish the retail value with consumers as the core has become the central issue, and data mining and business intelligence technology provide a new way of thinking and technical solutions to these problems. AsiaAnalytics Taiwan Ltd.'s solutions, covering customer relationship management, customer value maintenance and promotion, customer differentiation, direct sales promotion and a range of thematic applications.

More and more consumers choose to shop online. How to follow the steps of consumers and carry out multi-channel marketing in traditional physical retailing has become a topic of general concern. How to select suitable suppliers and commodities, how to solve the price balance of supply chain, how to attract customers to their own shopping websites, and how to interpret the purchasing behavior of website visitors are the new requirements of e-commerce for business analysis. As a kind of modeling and analysis technology, data mining technology can effectively solve these problems for e-commerce enterprises or departments.

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