Energy Industry

The working environment of energy industry offshore ocean. The daily operation of offshore drilling platforms is expensive, and petroleum engineers need to monitor the operation of large machines around the clock, and have real-time access to information to ensure proper operation of the machine. At the same time, efficiency should be taken into account. In addition, engineers are faced with different key decisions in their daily work. According to the different exploitation processes, such as finding and locating natural oil resources, oil production methods, drilling methods and equipment maintenance costs, some complicated decisions need to be accumulated and passed on by experience.

In this case, Woodside Energy, Australia's second-largest oil and gas producer, has kept much of its data in paper for 30 years, making it difficult to maintain and search the data. As senior employees retire, in order to pass on the experience of retired engineers and shorten the learning time of new engineers, Woodside Energy has partnered with IBM Watson to set up an internal petroleum knowledge base Corpus, which collects internal professional data, both structured and unstructured. Petroleum engineers can ask questions in natural language to obtain detailed answers and relevant information.

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