Biomedical Research

Biomedical research covers a wide range of areas, including clinical medicine, psychology, pathology, drug doses, epidemiology, health policy, and emerging genetic engineering. The development of biomedical technology is for the continuous progress of people's health, The World Health Organization defines health as "the state of perfection in physical, mental and social life", that is to say, the development of biomedicine is closely related to people's lives and souls. No matter in Japan and Taiwan with rapid aging of population, or in Africa which is plagued by diseases and uneven distribution of resources, it is one of the areas that researchers are actively exploring.

For new medical technologies or policy implementation effects, it is necessary to invest a lot of money and time in order to see the effect gradually, which also includes a large number of statistical technical support to get the correct result inference and provide the researchers with the determination of hypotheses. Therefore, it is a necessary tool for all biomedical scholars to obtain the correct data verification quickly by using the lightweight statistical software.

AsiaAnalytics Taiwan Ltd. provides a comprehensive solution and technical service for biomedicine, combining with the statistical prediction ability of SPSS Family, and the SPSS Medical Analysis Vaule-added Module and the SPSS Survival Analysis Vaule-added Module developed by AsiaAnalytics Taiwan Ltd., improving the statistical ability of SPSS in biomedicine and greatly improving the efficiency of researchers in analyzing data. AsiaAnalytics Taiwan Ltd. is your best partner in both clinical research and policy effectiveness evaluation.

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