PS QUAESTIO PRO – a comprehensive environment, fully integrable with your IT infrastructure. It uses UNICOM® technology to carry out survey research. The system provides support at all stages of the study: from construction of questionnaires, to CAWI, MOBI, CATI, and CAPI data collection, to basic and advanced data analysis, to drafting an analytical report in the form of a dashboard or a print out.

Main components of PS QUAESTIO PRO:

  • PS Desktop – the central application of the solution that supports organisation of data collection and analysis and reporting.
  • UNICOM® Intelligence Author (formerly known as IBM SPSS Data Collection Author) – a flexible questionnaire design tool.
  • PS QUAESTIO Pack PRO – an abundant set of procedures that improve functionality and user-friendliness of the data collection process.
  • UNICOM® Intelligence Interviewer – Web (formerly known as IBM SPSS Data Collection Web Interviews) – a modern and universal environment to manage and carry out the data collection process using questionnaires.
  • PS IMAGO PRO – a comprehensive analysis and reporting solution that facilitates advanced analysis of data from questionnaire studies and effective distribution of results of the analysis.

These are facts:

Create complex surveys with multiple transition rules, access to multimedia, and data validation. All this in an attractive graphic interface. Useful wizards and templates, libraries of ready-made questions and elements in PS QUAESTIO PRO are invaluable in this regard.

Various data collection methods (CAWI, MOBI, CAPI, and CATI) facilitate better adjustment of communication to the target group and increased response. A wide variety of tools to monitor the survey process; take batch actions towards people who did not commence the survey; and create automated reports.

You can finally carry out surveys using data from external systems. You can carry out a survey that, in real time, will use constantly changing information that determines participation or content of questions. With full security of data exchange.

Collected data can be analysed immediately after completion of a survey. The choice of statistical techniques transcends exploratory analysis. A wide variety of tests, measurements of strength of relationships, and techniques for classification, segmentation, and prediction. Results can be presented as charts and on maps.

Results can be tailored to recipients' needs. You can use a web (.html) report made available to authorised recipients. Objects in a report can be updated automatically. You can also create a text report (.docx and .pdf), which can be printed out and enclosed as documentation.

Web reports are the quickest way to publish results. They are available via a web browser to all authorised recipients. You can set specific parameters for periodic reports, which can be created automatically as a part of a process. Recipients will be sent a personalised notification.

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