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Data analysis provides knowledge that supports decision-making and streamlines operations in various business sectors. Due to its specific nature and unique challenges, each sector requires not only knowledge but also dedicated solutions in the form of models, scenarios, business knowledge, operating and management systems. At Predictive Solutions we build our own, comprehensive applications and systems for selected sectors that are based on the IBM SPSS product family. They include: fraud detection, customer relationship management, case management, marketing campaign support, anti-money laundering, and debt collection.




Customer Relationship


PS VINDICATIO – a system that uses predictive technologies to increase the efficiency of debt collection of both debt collection agencies and corporate or institutional debt collection departments. By using debtor, debt, and debt collection data analysis, the system facilitates:

  • Precise value estimate of a debt package
  • Accurately determine the chance to recover a debt and the value of the recovery
  • Identify the most effective strategy of debt collection for the debtor and the debt
  • Earmark debts with a high chance of earlier payment
  • Improve procedure scenarios by identifying actions that do not influence efficacy of debt collection
  • Separate debtors for whom debt collection should be postponed due to very low chance of recovery
  • Determine the optimum moment of reintroduction of a case into circulation

PS VINDICATIO has predefined historic data processing and predictive models which facilitate quick business results. Additionally, the system empowers analysts to conduct analyses and construct predictive models on their own. Thanks to PS CLEMENTINE PRO being the main component of PS VINDICATIO, integration with business processes and systems of your organisation is easier.

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