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PS IMAGO PRO – a comprehensive analysis and reporting solution based on IBM SPSS Statistics® that facilitates instantaneous creation and publication of professional ad hoc and periodically updated analytical reports.

PS IMAGO PRO consists of:

  • PS Desktop – a solution management application that supports organisation of analysis and reporting.
  • PS IMAGO – an analytical engine based on IBM SPSS Statistics® that provides data access and a wide array of analytical techniques with an additional set of procedures used to prepare and analyse data and visualise results, PS IMAGO Pack PRO.
  • PS IMAGO Designer – an application used to prepare and publish dashboards and document-based reports; it supports the user in the process of defining report structure and creating and managing content, while also facilitating editing and unrestricted arrangement of result objects.
  • PS IMAGO Portal – a report (dashboard) distribution and publication environment that may be installed within an organisation’s infrastructure to provide users with access to the published report via a standard web browser.
  • PS IMAGO Process – a component that facilitates automated creation and scheduling of periodic reports.


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▲ PS IMAGO PRO comprehensive analysis and reporting solutions

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