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PS CLEMENTINE PRO – based on IBM SPSS Modeler®, a world renowned data mining and big data analysis environment. The architecture of the solution ensures flexible adjustments to organisational requirements and integration of predictive analyses with business processes and systems.

PS CLEMENTINE PRO consists of:

  • PS Desktop – a solution management application that supports organisation of the analysis process. It is dedicated both to analysts who prepare analyses and construct analytical processes and business users who run analytical processes on computers without any analytical engine.
  • IBM SPSS Modeler® – a predictive analysis interface and engine used for data mining and big data. It ensures integration with databases and provides a wide set of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and statistical techniques with numerous forms of result visualisation and reporting.
  • PS CLEMENTINE Database – a repository for managing analytical resources, including storage in a definable structure, publishing, group work, versioning, extended descriptions with text notes and key words, and advanced search.
  • PS CLEMENTINE Scheduler – a component to automatise and schedule analytical processes stored in the PS CLEMENTINE Database.

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