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The comprehensive IBM SPSS Statistics system facilitates in-depth analyses. Clear tables and charts make interpreting results intuitive e.g. you can explain emergent sales trends better by using visualisations in dashboards.

In addition to regular statistical techniques, you get several dozen new, unique procedures that match analysts' needs. They streamline data preparation and analysis and enhance reports with new, compelling visualisations.

Sharing knowledge means combining result objects and descriptions to make them easy to interpret and easy on the eye. The creator of the report sets the format, layout, background, and comments to objects. A completed report can be published on a portal as a webpage or as a traditional document.

A central repository allows you to easily store knowledge by area of interest or project in a single place available to everyone. Easy access to in-depth information available in an attractive form streamlines decision-making processes.

Survey data analysis has always been one of the most popular uses of statistical software suites. The full integration of the solution with the PS QUAESTIO PRO research platform provides enhanced possibilities as regards process control, partial analysis, or building report structures at the early stages of research.

You can have access to up-to-date information 24/7 with automated recurrent processes. Complete automation from data preparation to final report publication allows decision makers to be fully up to date with the latest information.

PS IMAGO PRO provides analysts with a central platform for information processing for his/her institution. This is a perfect tool for data analysis, unhampered report design and publication. PS IMAGO PRO provides up-to-date information via ad hoc or periodic reports meaning that knowledge derived from the data may be rapidly distributed among authorized users through an internet browser.

The new release of our comprehensive analysis and reporting solution,

PS IMAGO PRO 5 is available now! New features include:

IBM SPSS Statistics 25 offers Bayesian statistics. It also streamlines analyses in the Base and Advanced modules (including OML, GENLINMIXED). It supports exporting reports to MS Office and has an updated chart wizard.

PS IMAGO PRO has new procedures: coding multiple response sets and copying value labels, which make it easier to work with data and manage it at the preparation and analysis stages.

The group evaluation procedure helps assess the quality of observation clustering using an indicated set of characteristics and the Silhouette coefficient. The procedure yields tables, charts, and new variables full of insight.

A number of new charts: violin plot, waterfall chart, hierarchical chart, series plot, or treemap provide an attractive and clean presentation of information in a single chart. Additionally, two new dashboard charts are available: dartboard and arrows and lights.

New functionalities such as page cloning or improved container management make it easier to prepare a dashboard report. In the document mode, you can write up a report using a column layout.

New functions for report control and management in the organisation have been added: user roles and privileges. In the new version of the program, you can use MySQL or MS SQL databases as the repository. Reports you publish are available on mobile devices as well.

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