IBM SPSS Statistics

Improve productivity significantly, achieving superior results for business goals

With IBM SPSS Statistics software, you can:

  • More easily access, manage and analyze virtually any kind of data set
  • Gain reliable results with a broad range of tests and procedures
  • Report results in easy-to-understand formats
  • Leverage open source scripting languages such as R and Python to further extend your capabilities

Solves business and research problems

IBM SPSS Statistics software offers superior capabilities, flexibility and usability that are not available in traditional statistical software.

Organizations around the world rely on it to:

  • Identify which customers are likely to respond to specific promotional offers
  • Forecast future trends to better plan organizational strategies, logistics and manufacturing processes
  • Detect fraud and minimize business risk
  • Report test and program results to the government and other regulatory agencies
  • Identify groups, discover relationships between groups and predict future events

Improves the analytical process

IBM SPSS Statistics software addresses the analytical process from planning and data preparation to analysis, reporting and deployment.

Quickly access and analyze massive data sets

IBM SPSS Statistics software makes it easy for you to quickly access, manage and analyze virtually any kind of data set, including survey data, corporate databases or data downloaded from the web.

Prepare your data in a flash

With IBM SPSS Statistics software, you can prepare data for analysis more quickly and more easily. You can virtually eliminate the time-consuming task of labeling your data by creating your labels once and applying them to your entire data set.

Powerful statistics for better analysis

IBM SPSS Statistics software includes an extensive variety of procedures for descriptive analysis, numerical prediction, group identification and forecasting that help you quickly generate more accurate results for specific data types.

Easy, flexible reporting options

IBM SPSS Statistics software makes it easier to integrate your output into your reports by enabling you to automatically export results into Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel (including Excel 2010) and as an Adobe PDF.

IBM SPSS Statistics Modules

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