SPSS Medical Analysis Value-added Module


It combines with common analytical methods in the medical field and can perform quickly advanced analysis of clinical tests or other medical analysis methods, such as survival analysis, medicine efficacy analysis, etc. It integrates all its capabilities and methods to enable you to get research conclusions sooner when analyzing more data.


  • Test of variability and homogeneity verification method support
  • Category test of sequence variance support
  • Test of outliers with very small samples support
  • Various survival analytical methods support

  • Methods

    Data check before analysis

    Bartlett Test : a test of the hypothesis of homogeneity of variances, which ensures the correctness of ANOVA

    Dixon's Test : with small samples, a test of outlier

    Chow's Test : a test to check if there is a structural break in the linear regression model and judge whether there is any interaction change or any slope change, etc.

    Dose Effect Analysis

    Bartlett Test : to investigate the linear relationship between the dose increase and the test effect

    Poly-K Test : to consider the observation time and to analyze the relationship between the dose increase and the test effect

    Peto's Test : to test the proportion of events resulting from a particular factor and to consider the difference between different doses

    Sequence Data Analysis

    Page's Trend Test : for small samples, observe if there is any obvious trend of differences of the repeated measurements of their sequences.

    Rank ANCOVA : Use sequence data, after controlling the covariance, see if the effect in different groups is equal, this is a covariance analysis with nonparametric method.

    Diagnostic Prediction and Reliability Analysis

    Diagnostic & Agreement- Statistics : to have tests in order to predict for disease and diagnosis, and assess the accuracy of the tests and select the best diagnosis through all kinds of indicators.

    System Requirements

    Suggestion for installing IBM SPSS Statistics Base:

    • Windows XP,2000,WIN 7
    • Intel Pentium-compatible CPU
    • Memory: ≧512MB RAM
    • Hard Disk Space: ≧1 GB
    • SVGA Display
    • Internet Explorer 6

    Installation Steps

    1. Essentials for Python 19

    2. Essentials for R 19

    3. SPSS Medical Analysis Module

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