iPASP APS is an intelligent planning and scheduling system, which integrates material purchasing, warehousing and order delivering. Viewing the supply chain as a whole, iPASP APS helps enterprises create an intelligent, integrated and interactive production-marketing information center.


  • Adapt to the fast-changing markets and high-mix/low-volume products.
  • Improve the efficiency with automatic schedule planning.
  • Increase the data utilization with the integrated system.
  • Maximize the scheduling flexibility with the smart-scheduling module.
  • Minimize the gap between planning and the reality.
  • Optimize the inventory management by reducing redundant inventory.
  • Intelligence, integration, interaction

    iPASP Module Overview

    Parameter Settings

    Provides an interface for planners to adjust basic schedule parameters as well as conditional settings.


    Allows planners to initiate scheduling with different status and conditions.


    Displays schedule dashboards. Users can lookup the information on various platforms.

    Multi-Plan Preview

    Simulates multiple schedules and compares the plans and their performance.

    Resource Optimization

    Allows planners to keep track of the existing resources and optimize the schedule plans based on available labor, machine, material and capacity.


    Allows planners to setup conditions for online smart-scheduling.

    Warning System

    Alerts related personnel of resource shortage based on current schedule plans.


    Combines information of MES and ERP, and provides key performance indicators.

    Statistics Process Control (SPC)

    Provides multiple control charts, dashboards, real-time monitoring and inspection reports to find out the anomaly in the production process; allows you to stabilize the production and increase capacity and product quality.

    Big Data Analysis

    Displays the data with BI interactive visualization; increases the capacity and optimizes the configuration with data mining techniques.

    iPASP Editions and Modules





    Parameter Settings
    Multi-Plan Preview
    Resource Optimization
    Warning System

    Comprehensive Integrated Services

    iPASP Intelligent APS System

    With a powerful scheduling engine, iPASP provides a series of APS functions, including auto-scheduling, multi-plan preview, dashboards, warning alert along with KPIs and big data analysis. Accompanied with enterprise-level BI visualization, iPASP can help refine your production management in the Industry 4.0 era.

    Data Exchange & System Interface

    iPASP uses Web Services to exchange data from different systems such as ERP, MES and SCM. With our experienced IT team, we can meet the demands of our clients, and provide the best solutions.

    On-site Consultantion & Training

    Our on-site consultants have years of experience in supply chain and production management. By providing complete training and services, our consultants will ensure that your system personnel gradually acquire data analytics skills.

    System Screen

    1.Module Overview

    Module Overview

    2.Multi-Plan Preview

    Multi-Plan Preview



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