iCAP Information Convergence Analytics Platform


iCAP integrates IBM Watson Explorer Cognitive Computing Platform to collect internal and external information of the enterprise, including the national-level open data, industry-level business information, trend news reports, internal technical documents, product specifications, operating records, etc. of the enterprise. Through the platform's automatic retrieval, combined with advanced artificial intelligence and cognitive computing technology, the information confluence is sorted out and identified to give new value to the data, further to provide business operations and strategic planning. iCAP integrates multi-level data sources, adds value to data, and expands cross-domain knowledge fusion to create an exclusive intelligent decision-making center and management platform for the enterprise.


1. Systematic and complete data source collection

2. Data coverage

3. Integration and analysis of information confluence

4. Introduction of a variety of novel analytical techniques

5. Integrating internal and external data to produce overall results

6. Integrated market index design

7. Analysis variables and analysis framework

8. Integration of original plant technology into local resources


  1. Cross-domain pointer module:
    • Systematic collection of international economic indicators
    • Pointer interpretation, data addition conversion knowledge
    • Data visualization for rapid capture of market fluctuation
  2. Pointer merging service module:
    • Integrating distributed statistical forms to enhance resilience and richness of content
    • Consolidation of customized data sheets through multiple common dimensions
  3. Data integration:
    • Providing standard crawler templates and supporting customized crawlers
    • Crawler management module
    • Combining multiple system file formats
    • Integrating relational database, file-based database, and unstructured file archives
  4. Data search:
    • The system automatically labels to help users get a glimpse of all datasets
    • The manual labeling function provides customization for data classification by multiple users
    • The diversified search mechanism helps users to search for relevant data more widely, such as conceptual search, natural language search, precise search and fuzzy search
  5. System integration:
    • Providing customized system development environment, integrating various data sources and analysis results with customer as the center, connecting various internal and external services (such as cloud API) in series, and creating a proprietary intellectual convergence platform
    • Completing enterprise-level authority control functions, and providing multi-level authorization of systems and documents
  6. Content analysis:
    • Time series analysis
    • Data type function
    • Deviation analysis
    • Trend analysis
    • Data type pairing
    • Online analysis
    • Perception analysis
    • Dashboard
    • Advanced text analysis
    • Natural language processing
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Industrial Application

  • Government Agency

    Public opinion analysis, national situation grasping, convenient services, confirmation of compliance.

  • Research Unit

    Integration and search of knowledge base, management and sharing of knowledge.

  • Financial Industry

    Intelligent claims settlement, customer service record analysis and customer relationship management quality improvement.

  • Manufacturing Industry

    Production line operation optimization, business competition and market information search.

  • Telecommunication Industry

    Customer service record analysis, operating record analysis.

  • Aviation Industry

    Prediction of parts consumption and analysis of potential factors for accidents.

  • Steel Industry

    Analysis of raw material price sensitivity.

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