Establishment of a Text Analysis and Classification Platform for a Government Agency

Case Background

With the advancement of information technology and the development of Internet, it has evolved into the era of knowledge explosion under the output and fast accumulation of various information. The search engines have become one of the indispensable tools for users to search for information. In order to build the interpretation rights of traditional art information on the website, the case automatically extracts, analyzes and introduces intelligent classification functions from specific external data sources. It builds a traditional art-related information classification management system and art & culture shelf management system. Furthermore, it provides the traditional art information search service system that enables general online users to access traditional art information quickly and conveniently in real time.

Business Objectives

  1. Collect art articles of traditional art data sources home and abroad. The data sources cover various news websites, art & culture websites, Facebook communities, and government public databases.
  2. Classify traditional art articles automatically and accurately.
  3. Provide system for classification and shelf of a large number of art articles.
  4. Provide the mass public with a traditional art collection and search system.
  5. Provide a secure system management interface.


System Architectures and Functions

In this case, the system is mainly divided into frontend webpage application layer, backend webpage application and business operation service layer, data collection service layer, data retrieval and search service layer, and data storage service layer. The main system architecture is shown as below.

Picture of System Architectures

The user roles of this system can be divided into art article manager, art article collection manager, website visitor and system security administrator, each of which is matched with the corresponding system functional modules as shown below.

User Role Functional Module
Art article manager Art article management module
Art article collection manager Article collection management module
Website Visitors Article retrieval service module
System security administrator System management module

User Interface Design

  1. Webpage design of frontend article retrieval system
    The webpage of article retrieval system is divided into area 1, 2, and 3. 1 is a function navigation area; 2 is the content display area; and 3 is the display area of the website information.

  2. Webpage of index system

    Website Design of Traditional Art Electronic Resources

  3. Webpage design of backend management system
    The webpage of article retrieval system is divided into 2 areas. The function navigation area is on the left, while the working area is on the right.

  4. Webpage of Backend Management System

    Interface Diagram of Backend Management System

    The backend functional interfaces are described as below:

    • Article Collection Management:
      For external related data sources, the platform provides collection, scheduling and management mechanisms for various types of data sources.

    • Interface of Article Collection Management function

      Interface of Article Collection Management function

    • Article Management:
      The article management module includes article classification management, content setting for article submission, template rule management for article classification URL, article classification keyword rule management, maintenance of article indecent words, statistics of classification errors and user search statistics.

    • Interface of Article Management

      Interface of Article Management

    • System Security Management:
      The system security management module includes the statistical summary display of system user management (add/modify/delete) and system usage status (query interface of user logs and system logs).

    • Interface of System security management

      Interface of User Management

      View Log

      System User Status- View Log

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