Precision Technology Industry Case - Introducing the iPASP System

Case Background

The precision technology market is always changing rapidly. Product orders are low in quantity but high in diversity. Companies must adjust their production methods, material storage, machine monitoring, preventive maintenance, production line optimization, and staff scheduling tools and methods.

Issues Faced

  1. How can a company filter orders according to different conditions?
  2. How to configure settings for different machine parameters?
  3. What are the production capability algorithms used in scheduling calculations?
  4. Can the user compare different scheduling solutions through Gantt charts?
  5. Are there different index comparative graphs?

Solutions/System Screen

  1. The system can automatically select orders. The system selects the order according to different delivery dates, different products, different production lines, and other conditions. This helps production staff to quickly select and schedule different orders according to the conditions.
  2. System Screen1

  3. Users can enter the production resource module to set usage amount and method. Related production tool information can be maintained through this platform. It can also import ERP or related system information.
  4. The production resource page can configure settings for production resource usage amount and usage method.

    System Screen2

  5. The production capability algorithm mainly uses general statistics, consecutive batch amounts, independent batch amount, merged batch amount, and cross production batch amount.
  6. System Screen3

  7. Gantt charts are used to compare multiple simulated schedules. It is easier to see the difference between each version through a graphical interface. The user can then pick the production method more consistent with the client delivery date.
  8. The Gantt chart preview tab in the scheduling multi-solution module can create different Gantt chart previews for different scheduling solutions.

    System Screen4

  9. Select the schedule version that adheres to the client delivery date according to each simulated schedule's “machine availability/uptime”, “order delivery rate”, “production availability/uptime” and other KPI.
  10. System Screen5

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