Plastic Mold Industry Case - Introducing the iPASP System

Case Background

  1. In response to market demands, manufacturers are moving towards low quantity, diverse product lines. This means plastic molds need to be changed constantly during production.
  2. The manufacturing schedule must accommodate the constant changing sizes and designs of plastic molds. Increased edge materials and frequent material pick ups from inventory increase material costs and administrative process troubles.

Issues Faced

  1. Optimal cutting size calculations
  2. Quick scheduling according to the cutting size
  3. Material pick up data summary

Solutions/System Screen

  1. Quick cutting calculation according to related cutting specifications page after inspection.
  2. System Screen1

  3. Quick scheduling page according to the cutting size.
  4. System Screen2

  5. After scheduling, directly display the raw materials needed daily as calculated in the schedule. This helps the warehouse prepare materials quickly, reduce phone confirmation time, and staff confirmation time
  6. System Screen3

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