LED Packaging Manufacturing Case - Introducing the iPASP System

Case Background

  1. Because of the needs of low quantity, high diversity manufacturing in the high tech industry, companies must adjust their production line methods, inventory management, and production staff scheduling.
  2. There are numerous production methods and machines involved in high tech manufacturing. If production staff have to do scheduling by hand, it is not only time consuming, staff must consider material and production capability restrictions, procedures, operation methods, labor laws, order delivery dates, and more.

Issues Faced

  1. How do you handle and solve order reorganization needs and production scheduling?
  2. Material alarm information summary (e.g. Creation of dashboard)
  3. How to connect scheduling and re-planning with the machine's status?
  4. How to check idle materials and machine information after scheduling?
  5. Calculation time and capabilities of system scheduling?

Solutions/System Screen

  1. Use priority settings value to configure and display on onsite scheduling board using real time calculations. This allows onsite staff to immediately adjust the schedule.
  2. System Screen1

  3. By using data transfer and iPASP schedule planning calculations to calculate estimated material use and inventory levels. The information is organized into visual graphs and displayed.
  4. System Screen2

  5. Set connection conditions and function to provide user with dynamic adjustments of frequency and times.
  6. System Screen3

  7. Use iPASP data integration function and visual chart displays to provide the user with immediate searches and understanding of production.
  8. System Screen4

  9. By using the core scheduling Spotlight software, users can quickly perform calculations; scheduling thousands of orders in only a few minutes.

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