Semi-conductor IC Testing Case - Introducing the iPASP System

Case Background

  1. The IC testing industry has different production procedures, UPH, machines, and related accessory resources depending on different clients and products. The relationships and related restrictions of these factors are all factors that need to be considered by manufacturing staff. If these parameters are not managed systematically, the scheduling efficiency of manufacturing staff can not be increased.
  2. Because there are numerous machines used in IC testing, grasping the details of equipment load status and real time production scheduling, and WIP are important factors to consider for efficiency management.

Issues Faced

  1. When faced with real time manufacturing changes, how do you deal with and solve it in terms of scheduling?
  2. Regarding machine accessory resources, how do you distribute and manage these resources?
  3. How are the machines limited to specific clients?
  4. How is the production schedule distributed to the manufacturing site?
  5. How does the system connect with other running information systems?

Solutions/System Screen

  1. By following the constructed production procedure database, manufacturing staff can use default production procedures when scheduling. They can also change the conditions depending on client specifications.
  2. System Screen1

  3. Unify management for machines with accessory resources, current status, and use method to allow the scheduling engine to use the latest status when scheduling.
  4. System Screen2

    System Screen3

  5. Use the database to manage all products and machine restrictions centrally and specify restriction times to allow the scheduling engine to use the latest status when scheduling.
  6. System Screen4

    System Screen5

  7. After the production scheduled is confirmed, the user can upload the latest results to the screens at each production site. The onsite manager can adjust production order accordingly.
  8. System Screen6

  9. We provide multiple interface formats for ERP, MES, and other information systems to share data.
  10. System Screen7

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