Analysis and Establishment of Market Index Platform for a Government Agency

Case Background

It establishes a platform that integrates with the labor market indicators of domestic and international ministries. The data source, mainly based on Open Data research method, integrates with the labor market indicators of different departments. It aims to present the integrated labor indicators based on a certain theme, so as to understand the industrial related human resources supply and demand, trend of employment market, citizen’s living standards, information of region and gender statistics.

Business Objectives

  1. Keep expansion to provide the latest information, strengthen the overall architecture of the labor market indicators, and establishes a web-based system platform.
  2. Add new functions for collecting and analyzing the labor market indicators of major countries, so as to know Taiwan’s position in the world.
  3. Take advantage of the value of the information for interdisciplinary data linkage and integrated analysis.


Integrated design of labor market statistical indicators:

The program collects more than 200 statistical items and also classifies the indicators into 7 categories: “demographic indicators”, “family life indicators”, “financial indicators”, “education indicators”, “labor indicators”, “health benefit indicators”, and "overall economic indicators."

Architecture of Integrated Labor Market Statistical Indicators

Architecture of Integrated Labor Market Statistical Indicators

Main System Architecture:

In this case, the system automatically downloads the databases of ILO, OECD, the Directorate General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics and the Ministry of Labor, and stores the data in a database. Finally, the content is shown on the integrated labor market indicator website, which allows the common users to browse topics and download pointers, and even use the statistical analysis function. Moreover, the data traffic is monitored by the backend management personnel. The System Conceptual Architecture is shown as below.

System Conceptual Architecture

System Conceptual Architecture

Architecture of System Modules:

The platform is mainly composed of four system modules, namely, certification management module, external data management module, integrated labor market indicator data management module and report module. The Architecture of Platform Modules is as shown below.

Architecture of Platform Modules

Architecture of Platform Modules

System Management Interface:

To facilitate the maintenance personnel in system management/operation, it also provides the interface of system management interface, the function of downloading external data statistical report automatically, and the function of using the statistical report on the integrated labor market indicator website. The basic correlation is as shown in the “System Operations Maintenance & Management Diagram”.

System Management Interface

System Management Interface

Visualized Dynamic Webpages:

Through dynamic web pages, it presents the performance of various indicators based on the related issues and contents, including market economy, salary intelligence, employment, human resources supply and demand, labor productivity and social security.

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