Apparel Brand Retailer – Creating a Mobile and Real-Time Information Platform

Case Background

In early 2008, GUESS wanted to support mobile employees with real-time access to operating information via BlackBerry and to ensure that senior executives, directors and district managers at headquarters had access to front-line key operating information wherever they were. As a result, the business intelligence team began to focus on developing solutions for handheld devices. Eventually GUESS chose MicroStrategy to develop business intelligence solutions for mobile devices, and instead of receiving cumbersome Excel forms, the business team and salespeople were able to open PDF files directly on BlackBerry computers, quickly capture business profiles and make real-time decisions that affect sales and revenue growth. As technology progressed, GUESS decided to start planning to send information to the iPad in addition to the original BlackBerry.


In 2010, GUESS chose MicroStrategy Mobile as a tool for developing the iPad App, which provides users with far more sales analysis than the BlackBerry and Microstrategy Web, to enable managers, designers and stores to analyze sales. Users of GUESS include senior management, district managers, shopkeepers, designers, consumers and so on. Users can view dashboards including popular sales trends through App. For example, a head office in Los Angeles can click on sales statistics and have the dashboard display regional sales data to compare U.S. And Canadian sales, further examine whether profits are growing or declining, and adjust marketing strategies and fix problems by looking at trends.

GUESS's Action App provides users with a variety of information from a global perspective to detailed data. For management, it is easy to select and slide through weekly, monthly and annual reports to understand the outline of the operation, and to analyze the individual sales and operation status of each country, region and even down to the level of each branch store. For branch managers and clerks, they can get information from multiple sources through App. For example, they can see the best-selling items across different dimensions and levels, dive into specific stores, view inventory and sales at each store on a map, or view sales and historical sales data by product style, allowing front-line staff to make quick decisions based on current sales trends.

People in the fashion world generally dislike the way information is presented in the general format. However, GUESS believes that the dashboard designed through MicroStrategy not only conforms to GUESS's popular and sophisticated corporate culture, but also provides convenience, real-time information and fashion taste. It also simplifies the daily decision-making of GUESS senior executives, designers' decision-making of new product design styles and the process of analyzing the overall performance of each store.

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