Certain Manufacturer - MicroStrategy Sales Analysis Management Platform

Case Background

Analyzing large amounts of data stored over the years and predicting and improving service based business intelligence have become the key factor of business competitiveness. The specific manufacturer plans to introduce new technologies and applications to increase their competitiveness. They created a "sales analysis management platform", integrating all the data from each department and procedure. It provides a user friendly control interface, assisting businesses to precisely grasp their business performance and to act as a reference for operation.

Issues Faced

  • Reduce decision making time
  • Current ERP systems already provide fixed graphs but are not able to satisfy business needs. Some of the data needs of some users are still dependent on IT staff writing a program. This could cause time issues, such as the charts are not provided on time, and the charts provided are not flexible. This method will increase the labor cost and maintenance of IT staff and is not able to provide real time data for businesses.

  • Acquiring decision space
  • In the past, sales staff and managers must carry a laptop; not only does this weigh down the staff, its use is also limited by battery life. Reading client and product related information requires opening large amounts of files and self analysis and decision making. Staff also can not take out a laptop anytime at the client end.

  • Operating status corrections
  • Being unable to understand a business's status is the biggest threat to a company; the unseen risks are huge. Having an unclear understanding might be more dangerous than having no understanding at all. It might cause bad decisions or actions due to wrong assumptions. It could cause massive or irreparable losses for the company.

  • Control interface optimization
  • In the past, when sales staff and managers are looking at a client's sales data or operating data at a specific time, the ERP must re-acquire the information and calculate related data. It takes a long time and users can not compare different aspects at the same time.

Solutions/System Structure

The system can help companies analyze each sales staff, client, region, and products through 6 major topic performance management analysis. It shows the sales status and order shipping efficiency of each area. Users can immediately understand the source of each sale and order status. When a problem is discovered, it can analyze and identify the reason. It acts as the basis of sales policy correction and order performance improvement.


Application Effect

Objective Effect
Reduce decision time Real time system information
Strive for decision space Data acquisition mobilization
Fix the way to manage the current situation Data integration
Operation interface optimization Interactivity

  • Real time system information
  • Send first hand analytical information back to sales staff and managers for analysis and quickly transform the data for the client end for immediate effect. Users can also use Intelligent Cubes to become active data and indices for every performance marker for immediate response. This allows companies have more response time and space. Therefore, this platform can be used to solve these issues.

  • Data acquisition mobilization
  • To utilize the "light weight" and "high mobility" of mobile devices, installing the MicroStrategy Mobile App on a mobile device can help sales staff and managers to conveniently access data. They can report client information and acquire sales performance indices quickly and from anywhere on a mobile device.

  • Data integration
  • Fully utilize the massive amounts of data collected during day to day operations of a company and transform them into information and knowledge to help avoid guesswork and ignorant behavior in the company. Sales analysis management is divided into "multi dimension to one index" and "one dimension to multi indices". These two types show sales staff the relationship between dimensions and indices.

  • Interactivity
  • When the sales staff can provide the information clients request immediately, it can increase client interaction quality and improve client loyalty.

    The "time", "sales staff", "region", "client type", and "product type" data provided to sales managers can increase company revenue and profitability.

Picture of System Interface

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