SPSS-based Clinical Outcome Improvement Program of WRI

Enterprise Background

Wesley Research Institute (WRI) is an independent and not-profit research institute located in the Wesley Hospital in Brisbane, Australia. It combines the medical care professionals such as doctors and nurses with scientists and patients in a collaborative way, with the intention to transform scientific research into better medical achievements. Its mission is to perfect new diagnostic and treatment technologies through development and detection, with the ultimate goal of improving the patient’s care and life quality.


WRI attempts to collect and analyze a large amount of data, including the datasets in different formats from various sources, such as patient’s background data, discrete process, surgical complications, risk factors, and post-operative tracking. WRI initially attempted to use FileMaker Pro for data analysis. However, its Data Management Department quickly discovered that the restriction of data amount would be a shortcoming for this analysis tool, which would hinder research. Deborah Lennon, the Data Management Department Head, proposed a more flexible and customized analysis tools was required to analyze ther complex data.


WRI uses IBM SPSS Statistics to perform a large Clinical Outcome Improvement Program (COIP), which is capable of collecting and processing a large amount of patient data. Moreover, it could help establish clinical indicators and identify risk factors, so as to improve the diagnostic and treatment effect.


  • WRI uses IBM SPSS Statistics as a tool for data collection and statistical analysis. It could solve the problem of data amount restriction encountered by FileMaker Pro when processing data, which can also accurately analyze a large number of datasets, so as to achieve the goal of improving patient care for WRI.
  • The IBM SPSS Statistics has contributed to the success of COIP. Thus, WRI also extended such technique to other fields such as oncology, urology, and pediatrics. In addition, with the success of COIP, it promotes the unique educational pilot program established with Vietnamese medical staff jointly, which aims to help participants build a similar program with the research goals set for their country and with the focus on understanding the key role of IBM in the program.
  • The flexibility of IBM SPSS Statistics makes it easy for WRI to change research designs and research data sets, which also achieves transparent and unbiased message delivery. Moreover, it allows the staff to make queries on the clinical data anytime.

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