SPSS-based Epidemiological and Clinical Studies Conducted by Steno Diabetes Center

Enterprise Background

The Steno Diabetes Center is a medical research institute specialized in diabetes located in the Gentofte campus in Denmark. Its development is mainly focused on patient care, education, health promotion and research. There are a total of 60 scholars and researchers in the research center under the leadership of Professor Peter Rossing, which is dedicated to the biomedical research on the long-term complications of type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes.


To make new breakthroughs in the research of diabetes and its complications, the Steno Diabetes Center needs to conduct clinical researches frequently. After years of research projects and clinical tests, it has accumulated a large amount of data that requires processing of various data types and statistical analysis, so as to evaluate the validity of different types of treatment.


SPSS Statistics provides a good data processing and analysis platform for the Steno Diabetes Center, which could perform statistical analysis to identify the significant influencing factors in disease development and effectively evaluate new treatment methods. Moreover, it presents the statistical analysis results in various graphs and tables via SPSS Statistics.


  • The Steno Diabetes Center uses SPSS Statistics as a statistical analysis platform, which is used to perform data analysis from data processing to report output. Its complete analysis function allows the research team to publish at least 100 papers per year, including journals, master and doctoral theses.
  • According to Professor Rossing, the reason for selecting SPSS Statistics was its easy-to-use feature. For non-statistical professionals, they could quickly learn how to conduct complicated analysis by using this software even without much training. Moreover, the single tool of SPSS Statistics can complete all functions from data processing including data screening and sorting, the stage of statistical analysis, finally to display of analysis results in tables and graphics. The graphics and tables generated can be directly used in the research paper to be published. SPSS Statistics is a solution integrated with complete functions.
  • According to Professor Rossing, the Steno research team has applied SPSS Statistics in epidemiological and clinical researches. For example, the Steno research team has identified the connection between vitamin D and early-onset complications, with the planning to evaluate whether vitamin D receptors in the human body can improve the long-term disease condition of the patients. In the future, the Steno research team will launch an EU-funded program with 15 centers in Europe as the targets, to confirm the importance of current research on biomarkers and to test potential interventions.

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