SPSS Statistical Analysis Platform Selected by Netherlands Diagram B.V.

Enterprise Background

Located in Zwolle, the Netherlands, Diagram B.V. is a non-academic medical research institution affiliated to the ISALA Klinieken Hospital. The hospital is the largest heart disease research center in the Netherlands, and the number of outpatients and cardiac surgeries ranked the highest in the country. Diagram B.V. was established by a research team dedicated to cardiology in 1982, and was then expanded to a medical research institution in 1996. The institution consists of about 40 employees including research nurses, epidemiologists, researchers, IT staff, project managers, cardiologists, and medical doctors, who are engaged in various medical-related researches, with the planning to manage complete research projects and cardiac clinical tests.


Diagram BV is a Contract Research Organization (CRO) dedicated to cardiology research. It is required to design tests for various research projects or clinical researches, so as to process big data from a large number of clinical tests or other research projects, which will be finally used for statistical analysis (including statistical verification and construction of statistical models). It could reduce the avoidable mistakes and obtain high quality research results in the shortest time.


IBM SPSS Statistics provides a robust and visualized statistical analysis platform that could add value upon the demands of research project or clinical tests. In addition to the capability of processing big data, it could flexibly combine with the external languages such as R and Python to create exclusive statistical analysis value-added module. In this way, it assists the research institutions in developing new medical methods, quickly designing new clinical tests, so as to achieve the mission of benefiting patients.


  • Diagram B. V.'s research team uses IBM SPSS Statistics as a statistical analysis platform, which publishes at least 25 medical research reports in various medical journals annually. The representative example is the research on the revolutionary treatment of acute myocardial infarction published by the Diagram BV team in the New England Journal of Medicine. That research proposed an revolutionary medical treatment in the procedure of balloon angioplasty, also known as "Zwolle treatment" – it is currently the standard procedure used by the global cardiologists in the treatment of acute myocardial infarction.
  • Dr. de Kluiver who leads the research department of Diagram BV, points out that the revolutionary development of "Zwolle treatment" is to establish a complex clinical test design based on the IBM SPSS Statistics, which obtains research results by statistical analysis (including statistical testing and statistical modeling) after data processing. The research contribution made by Diagram BV in terms of acute myocardial infarction, greatly improves the survival rate of patients with acute myocardial infarction by about 5%, which is equivalent to benefiting about 2,000 patients per year in the Netherlands. These patients may be protected from acute myocardial infarction. Undoubtedly, by using IBM SPSS Statistics that is reputed as the globally best statistical software for 30 years, Diagram BV not only establishes its best word-of-mouth and reputation in the field of healthcare, but also wins more research funds to continuously improve the medical researches and enhance human well-beings.
  • As stated by Dr. de Kluiver, the biggest advantage of IBM SPSS Statistics is its multiple functions and scalability. For statistical researchers, IBM SPSS Statistics provides abundant data processing methods and robust statistical analysis. In addition, by writing SPSS syntax and combining with external languages, it may create analysis modules exclusively for the R&D team. It is worth mentioning that the operating interface of IBM SPSS Statistics is easy-to-learn and operate, so Diagram B. V. saves more time and cost when training new recruits.

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