SPSS Medical and Health Solution Selected by Guangdong Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine and West China Hospital

Reason for Selecting SPSS

Reason for selecting SPSS healthcare solution: Healthcare organizations need a system that could significantly improve patient safety, quality of care, and performance on financial and management data in the entire healthcare system, which can’t exchange information. SPSS products can be taken as a reliable tool for the system improvements, and can achieve the benefits of smart healthcare without impacts on the business.

◆ Good User Experience

  • Interactive Model Viewer.
  • Analyze the big datasets in the hub tables.
  • Access the optimized “Syntax Editor” – with the functions of automatic completion, automatic indentation, color marking and others, which performs automatic analysis more easily.
  • Allow the worldwide teams to access the multilingual interface to achieve labor division and cooperation on the same project.
  • Integrate Microsoft® Office application in a seamless way.

◆ Higher Productivity and Performance

  • With “Automated Data Preparation”, prepare the required data instantly in one step.
  • Review the significance test in the main table of results.
  • High frequency of execution, narration, cross table, and other programs.
  • Management and analysis of system datasets.
  • Create custom and user-defined interfaces for existing programs and user-defined programs.
  • Frequency execution of programs may increase the performance and scalability.


Clinical Data Warehousing Solution

The healthcare industry is featured by rapid change. It is even difficult for the most flexible and capable medical institutions to keep up with the changes, such as how to manage the large amount of medical data accumulated continuously, and how to convert these data into useful knowledge in the future.

The Clinical Data Warehousing solution will assist in the analysis of the large amount of heterogeneous medical data, from which the useful information will be obtained and converted into empirical knowledge for support of medical decision-making.

Regional Health Data Integrated Solution based on Electronic Medical Records

China's medical reform has clearly proposed to gradually relieve and solve the people's livelihood problems of "expensive medical bills and difficult access to medical services". The health departments, including public health services, medical and healthcare services, community health services, and regional health management, are closely related to the medical records of the citizens. Centered with electronic medical records, it establishes a unified electronic medical record for the mass public through the regional health information platform, so the health information can be shared among different health institutions in the region, which realizes the business cooperation between institutions. It aims to improve the quality and efficiency of medical and health services, and to strengthen the health supervision and decision-making capabilities.

The Regional Health Data Integrated Solution based on Electronic Medical Records adopts flexible architecture based on international and national standards, so as to achieve unified management of medical records in the region. Through electronic data exchange and sharing between medical and health institutions, it lays foundation for the medical institutions to promote health service activities and conduct regional cooperation. Moreover, it may effectively provide aids in health management and decision-making.

Commercial Value of the Scheme

  • Support the standards of Chinese and Western medical terms and the industrial standards established by the medical International Organization for Standardization.
  • The scalable and flexible data warehousing model fully supports the data analysis of Chinese medicine and Western medicine.
  • The flexible and easy-to-use data warehousing tool creates data mart models quickly, imports and converts the corresponding data.
  • A powerful and flexible analysis briefing platform. Support real-time queries and OLAP analysis.
  • Support the functions of data mining and trend prediction, help discover the rules behind the medical data.
  • Assist the citizens in self-care, assist the health service providers in health management, and assist the health managers in health decision-making.
  • Standardized unified information architecture oriented by the health of citizens.
  • With flexible architecture and scalability, it could meet a variety of requirements and customized needs.

  • Target Customers

  • Health administrative agencies at all levels.
  • Large and medium-sized, and comprehensive specialized hospitals.

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