Toxic Prediction Analysis System Solution

Case Background

The Institute of Forensic Science of China is a specialized institution of criminal technology, which conducts scientific research on the difficulties in the field investigation and material evidence identification of criminal cases. The center has a number of modern equipment, including scanning electron microscopy, Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, microspectrophotometer, forensic image analyzer, DNA sequencer, language recognition workstation, document examiner and other laboratory equipment.

The main tasks of the Institute of Forensic Science of China are to appraise the material evidence of criminal cases, civil cases and administrative litigation cases, as well as to carry out on-the-spot investigation.

For example, in a case where the suspect's DNA was mixed with the victim's skin cells, the central examiner successfully obtained the suspect's DNA typing through a single cell separation test platform.

Business Objectives

To explore useful data through the poisoning performance and postmortem examination in the case library and poisoning library, to help criminal personnel at site to clear the information of victim or suspect information more rapidly and effectively. For example, to help the poisoners to make preliminary judgment on the poison possibly related to poisoning according to the accessible poisoning characteristic information of the victim, so as to provide treatment direction and investigation clues and narrow the laboratory toxicological analysis screening scope.


Use the SPSS data to mine tool SPSS Modeler, summarize and model the data of poisoning performance and postmortem examination in the collected case library and poison library. After constructing the model, establish a Web prediction and analysis platform, which can handle all the prediction requirements submitted in the business process at any time. When the symptom information of a new case is input in the system foreground, the system background will call the model constructed by SPSS Modeler to predict and analyze the new symptom information, and the relevant analysis results will be displayed on the interface through the Web.

Picture of the poison information monitoring system

Photo source: Beijing Institute of Computing Technology and Applications


SPSS enables faster and easier analysis and production of statistics, enabling users to perform complex sampling and analysis, shorten learning time, and reduce the need to learn complex syntax. The head of statistical methods and coordination at FIS said:「Other specialized software tools can provide all the analysis we need, but there is no single tool like SPSS that doesn't require a lot of time and effort to write special syntax to meet all of our needs. Using other different professional software requires frequent transitions between tools, but few have the skills to use all of them. Most tools don't have a graphical user interface, and learning the syntax of each tool is hard work!」 Therefore, the FIS team decide to use SPSS instead of most tools.

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