FIS Imported with Data Mining Analysis

Brief Introduction

The FIS of Bosnia and Herzegovina uses a wide range of statistical tools that are easy to use to support complex analyses.

Case Background

Data mining and analysis is an extremely important decision-making process for governments and other public and private sector organizations, and most importantly, statistics can be generated accurately and in a timely manner.

The Federalni zavod za statistiku or FIS of Bosnia and Herzegovina is responsible for statistics on the productive economy, demographics and so on. Its main responsibilities include defining statistical methods, conducting research (mainly through surveys), creating and exchanging statistical data and information, and developing technologies for data protection.

FIS realized that if it could be a more standardized analysis tool, the daily work would be significantly simplified. So the FIS team decided to find a solution that can meet most of the requirements statistically.

Existing Problems

The analytical tools used by the FIS of Bosnia and Herzegovina are difficult to learn and use. As a result of its increased research workload, the FIS would like to have a simpler way to carry out the analysis.


SPSS provides a solution for almost all analysis, which makes it easier, faster and simpler to process data in order to apply it more widely and complex to other tasks and responsibilities, and to spend less time in writing syntax and preparing data, which means more opportunities to try new things and expand the range of services provided.

For example, many point and other estimates have been made for specific data and variables. In traditional solutions, it takes a lot of syntax to perform these estimates. Now, with SPSS, it's just a matter of a few mouse clicks to perform these estimates. In other words, anyone with the slightest knowledge of SPSS can easily generate a point estimate. In addition, the SPSS syntax is generated automatically, so in other cases it can be easily reused when the same type of analysis needs to be repeated.

Application Effect

SPSS enables faster and easier analysis and production of statistics, enabling users to perform complex sampling and analysis, shorten learning time, and reduce the need to learn complex syntax. The head of statistical methods and coordination at FIS said: "Other specialized software tools can provide all the analysis we need, but there is no single tool like SPSS that doesn't require a lot of time and effort to write special syntax to meet all of our needs. Using other different professional software requires frequent transitions between tools, but few have the skills to use all of them. Most tools don't have a graphical user interface, and learning the syntax of each tool is hard work! Therefore, the FIS team decided to use SPSS instead of most tools.

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