Analysis of Criminal Cases in Metropolitan Area

Case Background

With the increasing incidence of criminal cases, the expansion of criminal areas and the renovation of criminal methods, it is becoming more and more important and difficult to prevent and combat criminal offenses. How to optimize the maintenance of public security, control the incidence of cases and improve the efficiency of solving cases has become an urgent task under the condition of limited police force. The incidence of criminal cases has increased with the development of the economy. The development trends of criminal cases are as follows:

  1. Increase in the incidence of criminal offenses remains difficult to control in the short term.
  2. The number of areas in which criminal offenses are committed is increasing.
  3. The modus operandi is constantly being refurbished.
  4. Criminal members are transferred from non-professional to professional.
  5. Juvenile delinquency is increasing.

Status Analysis

In order to optimize the deployment ability of police force, improve the people's active prevention and vigilance and improve the efficiency of case-solving, various reports have been produced from various dimensions, which are used to count and sum up the experience existing in the historical data. However, how to synthesize the information from the report?

Picture of learning comprehensive analysis


Through the accumulation of a large number of historical data of criminal cases, including case information, case-solving information, case-related personnel information and victim information, establish a crime early warning mechanism, and through the summary of historical cases and case-solving information, using SPSS Modeler software to establish 3 models, including: case number prediction model, victim characteristics analysis and criminal suspect contour score.

  • Case Number Prediction Model: Forecast the number (rate) of criminal cases, using the information of cases, we can analyze the trend of a certain type of criminal cases from the national level to the regional level.
  • Victim Characteristics Analysis: By dividing victims into groups, analyze the possibility of different groups of victims in specific areas, specific points in time, by specific criminals, so as to take different reminder measures for different types of citizens in different circumstances.
  • Criminal Suspect Contour Score: Outline the contours of suspects in different cases, and then use the contours to score suspects involved in the case; considering the differences of different types of cases, divide case categories respectively, to establish the contours of different types of cases and scoring models.

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