InSites Consulting Corp. Establishes the Sentiment Dictionary Based on IBM SPSS Modeler

Enterprise Background

InSites Consulting is an online market research and marketing consultancy company. Founded in Belgium in 1997, with more than 100 employees in offices in Ghent, Rotterdam, London and Geneva, it is the first company to study market potential, providing a full range of marketing consultancies in 37 countries around the world. InSites Consulting specializes in customer behavior analysis for e-commerce sites, helping companies understand consumer needs and maintain a leading position through continuous development and refinement of analytical techniques.

The global Internet has thousands of websites on which consumers express their views on various aspects of modern society, traditional market research methods, such as designing questionnaires, organizing project groups to explore the most important topics of a given topic, and assumptions about many research conditions. InSites Consulting uses word-mining technology to dig up "who" and "what" from various websites to understand the actual needs of consumers and provide business planning decisions.


InSites Consulting collects comments from blogs, forums, social networking sites, and thousands of other websites that enable users to make comments in multiple languages, and most of the data is unstructured. InSites Consulting collates, copies and stores the collected text in a Microsoft SQL Server database for analysis through IBM SPSS Modeler.

A large pharmaceutical company recently hired InSites Consulting to gather data from various websites and medical discussions to find out what people think about epilepsy and which epilepsy-related topics are most frequently discussed. It is expected to identify important issues that the pharmaceutical company has not considered before.


When InSites Consulting uses IBM SPSS Modeler software to solve problems, it adopts the consumer language as the guidance, which helps enterprises to find out the problems and understand the requirements of consumers. In epilepsy studies, the findings of "Text Exploration" point to birth control as one of the key issues, and in many cases women with epilepsy fear that drugs for epilepsy will reduce the efficacy of their birth control drugs, putting them in a dilemma between seizures and pregnancy risks. The solution can also improve the communication between enterprises and consumers.

Through the strategy of language analysis, enterprises can understand the actual concerns of consumers. In the epilepsy study, the results indicated that the content of the drug bulletin board, consumers tend to subjective description of the considerations, rather than some technical terminology. In addition, in order to further explore consumer sentiment, we can use IBM SPSS Modeler to set up "Emotion Dictionary" to determine whether the emotion of each comment is positive or negative, and even to determine which emotions are the main ones: happiness, surprise, anger and fear. Among them, it can be found that many negative emotions tend to point to frustration. Therefore, we can fully understand the reasons why consumers are dissatisfied with the new products or services provided. InSites Consulting solves a number of problems using IBM SPSS Modeler software.


  • IBM SPSS Modeler software can handle large amounts of data, and these data may contain features such as multilingualism or non-structuralism.
  • Using the IBM SPSS Modeler software, you can identify the topics that people talk about most often or that businesses can understand the real concerns of consumers.
  • Using the IBM SPSS Modeler software, we can develop an "emotional dictionary" that allows us to determine whether the emotions in each comment are positive or negative, and even which ones are the main ones.

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