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The application of statistic analysis technology in medicine and health is getting wider and wide. We can use statistics software to convert messy data into effective and reliable information.

  • We can manage and analyze large databases and convert messy data into useful data and then from which extract important information.

  • We can assess the long-term trend of medical cost, policy implementation, patient prognosis and so on.

  • We can construct appropriate models and analyze their efficiency for references regarding decision making.

  • Comprehensive research cooperation (clinical tests, experimental data, questionnaires and large databases)

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The application of statistics analysis covers a wide-ranging area, which can be approximately divided into three major areas - research of clinical experiments, management of medical industry and analysis of health administration. Although research fields and themes may differ a lot, statistics analysis can be applied on a variety of topics if the research design and data types can correspond.

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Analytical application in the field of medicine and health

In medical statistics applications, we often use the following analytical methods like Survival Analysis, ROC Curve, Non-Parameter Analysis, Correlation, etc. According to your research design, AsiaAnalystics Taiwan can use IBM SPSS statistical software to estimate the test power of samples, to establish theoretical models to the results of statistic analysis results and to present a report, which provides overall analytical consulting services.

Service of Value-added Module

AAT is capable of combining external languages like SPSS, R and Python to enhance the analytical technology of SPSS Statistics in marketing, which creates a convenient and diverse analysis environment for users so that it is easy to handle and to work with great efficiency.

    Medical Analysis Value-added Module:

    It combines with common analytical methods in the medical field so that it can be used to quickly perform advanced analysis of clinical tests and to integrate the whole evaluation indicators for predicting disease.See More Product...

    Survival Analysis Value-added Module:

    It makes SPSS more complete in medical applications for serving as your best helper in analyzing data.See More Product...

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