Heterogeneous Data Integration of Big Data


With the coming of customer-oriented time, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has been emphasized deeply by many enterprises.

In the practical cases of information system, data usually spreads around in different data bases for comparison and sharing of different processes. The management system of heterogeneous data cannot be compatible directly and may be not apply to the same operating system. We call this situation heterogeneous data environment. E-formalization of medium and large enterprises is getting more and more mature. All kinds of E-Systems have been completed in the demand from different temporal and spatial background in the past and the developing of E-commerce, so in order to integrate all kinds of cross-system automation smoothly, enterprises are getting aware of the importance of data integration.

With the booming development of information and communication technology and the current edger expectation of big data analysis applications in every industry, the definition of heterogeneous data integration has been getting changed in quality with the coming of the industry 4.0 era - gradually from the past emphasis on "heterogeneous database integration" to focus on structured, semi-structured and unstructured and so on "heterogeneous data integration".

So we can comprehend the data demanded for prediction analysis, clean up the data, collect the data and return it to its account to maintain quality of the data and to store and manage data sets according to analysis-oriented needs so that we can provide follow-up visual data for exploration and analyze the predictive modeling, reports and panel board and other needs. AAT is the leading enterprise of professional data analysis solutions, which provides customers with solutions by analyzing complete data integration with the corporate strategic thinking as the base of core planning. AAT is also good at converging and consolidating structured data, semi-structured data and unstructured data in various industries. With the professional expertise to develop and to analyze modules, ATT can adopt and integrate flexibly all kinds of software, including planning and construction of enterprise data warehouse (EDW), design and development of Extract-Load-Transform (ETL), and as well as collection, storage and convergence of unstructured data. From the convergence of heterogeneous data to the design of system platform and the integration of vertical application software, AAT combining with the core technology capability of big data analysis and professional advisory board can provide the best consulting services for integration and analysis of heterogeneous data so that it can maintain long-term cooperation with customers to help the enterprise to keep providing assist in increasing the overall business performance for customers and to create competitive advantage by establishing industrial insights and intelligent decision mechanisms.

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