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Solution Planning and Execution tailored to each enterprise by AsiaAnalytics Taiwan Ltd. creates your own solutions based on the difficulties you face in your business.

Through the Service of Assessment and Planning (SAP), AsiaAnalytics Taiwan Ltd. realizes your problems, assists you in assessing and planning the resources needed for business data analysis, and enables enterprises to make the best use of resources. Through the Proof of Concepts for Predictive Analysis, we can understand the concrete effect of the service solution and evaluate the benefit of SPSS products and solutions more accurately.

Solution Planning and Execution tailored to each enterprise by AsiaAnalytics Taiwan Ltd. creates your own solutions based on the difficulties you face in your business. Professional consultants can guide you about the best use of software habits, effectively solve business problems and improve efficiency. Through the combination of solution and Service of Added Module, the complex software operation steps can be made into simple and easy-to-use function modules, which greatly reduces the time required for data collation and analysis process, and effectively improves the efficiency of project execution.

Provide complete consulting services according to the requirements of different stages of customer business data analysis:

Picture of Service of Assessment and Planning

Service of Assessment and Planning

Regardless of the size of your industry, AsiaAnalytics Taiwan Ltd. makes a detailed product needs assessment based on the needs and data you analyze in your business. It plans the resources and implementation work needed to import your analysis project with standard statistical and data mining processes, and achieves maximum benefits through optimal configuration and product application.

Picture of Proof of Concepts for Predictive Analysis

Proof of Concepts for Predictive Analysis

To help you assess the real impact of predictive analysis more quickly, based on the business challenges of users and the status of existing data, AsiaAnalytics Taiwan Ltd. makes users feel more clearly the realization of expected results by analyzing Proof of Concepts (POC), and reports the analysis data and results to the superior to understand the specific results and ROI of the solution.

Picture of Solution Planning and Execution

Solution Planning and Execution

Software Usage Leading and Guiding

Picture of Software use leading and guidingMany users give responses of not accurately capturing the application of software functionality to actual business problems. In order to help you give full play to the functions of the software and make your work more efficient, the professional consultant of AsiaAnalytics Taiwan Ltd. will personally understand your work in business, and teach you how to use SPSS software correctly and effectively, with the help of the advantages of software functions, to solve the difficult problems, and guide you to the right way to use it.

Complete solution planning and implementation

Picture of Complete solution planning and executionThe difficult problems encountered by various industries depend on the existing business logic and experience and cannot achieve the desired results! It is also possible that you have understood that data anatomy and prediction models can solve puzzles and provide optimal decision support, but you do not have the time and manpower to actually dig deep into the data of the world to get the secrets of success. AsiaAnalytics Taiwan Ltd.'s team of experts and consultants at home and abroad has years of experience in various industries, including banking, insurance, retailing, telecommunications, government agencies and so on. They can address your business problems and challenges through advanced data analysis techniques and methods, support decision-making through predictive analysis, and enhance financial and operational performance.

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  • Customer relationship management
  • Risk management scheme
  • Picture of Service of Value-added Module

    Service of Value-added Module

    Industries are faced with many practical issues. Often after complex processes and repeated validation can the final results be got. Repeated time-consuming work is limited to specialized personnel. Therefore, if we can simplify the data processing and analysis process and make the analysis software easier to use, we can achieve twice the result with half the effort for both individual and departmental work.

  • SPSS Medical Analysis Value-added Module
  • SPSS Marketing Analysis Value-added Module
  • SPSS Survival Analysis Value-added Module
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