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International Certificate of
Business Data Analytics and Solution

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Company Information
DataSolution Inc. was found in 1990 and it is the leader of the statistical analysis and predictive analytics solution in Predictive Analytics in Korea. DataSolution Inc. Offers has distributed IBM SPSS Statistics with SPSS predictive analysis software sale, various analysis solutions for clients, software add-on application and SPSS related training courses and publications of local-language manuals which boosts analytic capability of IBM SPSS Statistics and Modeler.

More than 160 successful predictive decision models were built, including predictive system of fund earnings, analysis on CRM system, audit support and arrears management system, analysis on quality systems, sales prediction system, marketing, business analysis and system optimization and so on.

In South Korea, customers of DataSolution Inc. are distributed in different industries, such as Academy Sector, Research Institutions, Government Sector, Finance Industry, Retail Industry, Manufacturing Industry, Telecommunication Industry, and Service Industry and so on.

Customers of DataSolution Inc. are distributed in different industries, such as Korea military in Government sector, SK, LG, Samsung in Telecommunication industry, Korea Exchange Bank, Citi Bank in Financial Industry, Dongbu Steel Co., Ltd, Samsung Tesco, Hyundai Motor Company, Pohang Iron and Steel Company and so on.

DataSolution Inc. formed the AsiaAnalyltics Group (AA group) with two branches of AsiaAnalytics China and AsiaAnalytics Taiwan Ltd. AA group is subordinate to Openbase which is the listed company in KOSDAQ. AA group is the biggest Business Partner in Business Analytics for IBM in Asia Pacific Region. Due to having good qualification consulting service to customers, as well as having strong research capability in business analytics, AA Group gained the IBM Solution Provider qualification in 2014. In Taiwan, AsiaAnalytics Taiwan Ltd. is the first and only one IBM Solution Provider.

Business Intelligence Data Analyst
The certificate of “Business Intelligence Data Analyst” is using IBM SPSS Intelligence Analysis Software with its application capabilities of data integration and professional statistics to analyze and research the big data and provide the correct analyzed results for the enterprises to formulate the strategies.

The certificate of “Business Intelligence Data Analyst” is the intelligence data analysis professional certificate which meets the enterprises, organizations and individual needs. Using examples used in the workplace with systematic study makes the professional capability of data analysis more solid and meets the demands of the enterprises. It can be a reference standard for enterprise and organizations for selecting talents.

Exam Content
Business Intelligence Data Analyst (BIDA) Certification has two parts: Theory Test and Computer-delivered Test using examples (all multiple choices). 40 exam questions are extracted randomly from the BIDA Exam Bank to test candidates’ abilities in using the software and solving the problems.

Type of Certification Subject Software Question Type Time Qty of Questions Passing Grade Certificate Type
Business Intelligence Data Analyst


  • IBM SPSS Statistics
  • Data Analysis & Guiding System (R-Web)
Multiple choices
(Computer-delivered test)
60 Mins 40 Questions 70 Points Certificate of Standard Level
Business Intelligence Data Analyst
Marketing Application 60 Mins 40 Questions Certificate of Professional Level
Predictive Capability